Brisbane blogger says ‘cancer isn’t bad’ in Instagram post

Olivia Budgen, from Brisbane, Australia, made an Instagram post to ‘challenge’ people’s beliefs about cancer, arguing that it isn’t ‘actually bad at all’.

A self-styled health blogger has caused outrage for claiming getting cancer is a sign that your body is trying to save you. The health coach argued that getting the disease will help get the body working properly again after it has been flooded with toxins.

The controversial post has caused outrage, with over 400 people commenting on it to slam Budgen’s view. One person called it ‘absolutely disgraceful’, with others questioning if she had any medical training at all.

Health blogger Olivia Budgen, from Brisbane, Australia, said that getting cancer ‘isn’t actually bad’.

Budgen started her post saying ‘CANCER AND DISEASE IS YOUR BODY TRYING TO SAVE YOU’ before continuing with a wordy explanation of her beliefs.

She said that rethinking cancer and disease would allow people to ‘take back control’ of their own health. Shockingly, she claimed cancer isn’t ‘actually bad at all’ and went on to say that it isn’t the monster disease it’s ‘made out’ to be.

Budgen said: ‘We are led to believe that if our body has disease then our immune system isn’t working properly, and we don’t have the ability to heal ourselves. This is simply not true.’

The shocking Instagram post saw Budgen claim that tumours are a way to protect from toxins

She argued that the body works to remove toxins but because people who eat unhealthily put more toxins in their bodies than it can remove they will get cancer. Budgen, who described herself as a health coach and has over 8,000 Instagram followers, said the body creates tumours to protect people from toxins going into the bloodstream.

She advised followers to live ‘a life of raw fruits and vegetables, clean water, sunshine, exercise, meditation, peace, passion and happiness’.

Budgen finished by saying: ‘I hope this view helps you to understand that health symptoms aren’t the body’s way of trying to hurt you. They are there to communicate to you that it needs your assistance to create a healthier environment for it to get back on track.’

Budgen has over 8,000 Instagram followers and calls herself a ‘Health Coach, Raw Food Educator, Blogger’. Her followers were shocked by her views and left furious comments on the post, calling her ‘disgraceful’.

One commented: ‘You’re giving false hope to cancer patients and a false sense of control to everyone else. You should be ashamed of yourself but your abject narcissism suggests a total lack of necessary self-awareness.’

‘What an incredible combination of ignorance, stupidity and ego all rolled into one post! I’ve reported your account for being incredibly harmful,’ another posted.

Her Instagram followers were outraged by her comments, saying she should be ‘ashamed’ of her beliefs.

A third wrote: ‘Preying on fear and selling false hope to desperate people. You are disgusting.’

‘Congratulations that is the stupidest thing I’ve read in ages. You should be ashamed to spout this dangerous drivel,’ a fourth agreed.

MailOnline has contacted Olivia Budgen and is awaiting comment.

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