7 things you need to know about sex after 40 years

1. No sex will be less

According to research, a third of people in the U.S. continue to engage in vaginal sex to 70 years. 40 the figure is 70% for women and 74% for men.

How are things in Russia is not exactly known: in our country, problems with the study of sexuality, especially among the elderly. However, under practically the only large-scale study of intimate life continues in one third of people aged 65-67 years, then the percentage drops to 16. To 79 years sex 6% of Russians. And only 80 years, they cease to be sexually active.

The study’s author, sociologist Dmitry Rogozin, said: “One grandma giggled and said, “you Know, frankly, the real sex begins only after 50”. 86-year-old man, who lost his wife, said that they regularly had sex to 70 years. Then she died, he went blind. And after some time are “friends” with her friend”.

2. To worry about still have

No age does not protect you from sexually transmitted diseases. So after 40, and after 60 you are at risk of diseases such as syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydial infection, genital herpes, hepatitis B, genital warts and trichomoniasis.

With age does not decrease the risk of Contracting HIV. In the United States half of HIV-positive more than 50 years. This is due to the fact that the quality of the medicine helps people with the virus live longer. In Russia, a large proportion of HIV-positive men aged 35-39 years.

So don’t neglect condoms with new partners. And do not stop with age to be tested for STIs.

3. You continue to masturbate

Studies have shown that from 16 to 59 percent of women masturbating in the U.S. is not decreasing and remains around 60%. Also masturbating and a third of women over the age of 70 years. On average, 70% of men masturbate and 69. Then the figure goes up to 46%.

In Russia such studies is not enough, basically we always refer to foreign statistics. However, polls about Masturbation was carried out in many countries. On average they say about the same: 30 years old people masturbate almost every day and continue to do so until at least 60 years.

4. Sex will become more difficult

This is due to the physiological changes of the organism which we have inherited from primitive people. Up to 40 rarely survived, and the whole idea was that before his death, to have time to produce offspring. Evolution saw no reason to leave a working reproductive system to those who will die soon, so now menopause in women occurs actually in the middle of life that used to be unthinkable.


In premenopause (between 40 and 50 years) starts to fall, estrogen levels, and menstruation becomes less regular, the vagina can narrow, and its walls can become thinner. The majority of women starts to stand out less vaginal lubrication, causing pain can occur during sex. Thinning of the vaginal walls after penetration can bleed, and this increases the risk of infections. To solve this problem will help the lubrication is water based.

If a woman uses hormonal therapy to treat various symptoms of menopause such as hot flashes, her libido may increase.

All nice changes in the body that affect the sexual life, should be reported to your doctor. It will help you choose the best way to solve problems.


Between 40 and 50 years in men begin to change, associated with erection. Erotic dreams are not enough to raise the penis have genital caress.

Journalist Michael Castleman’s (Castleman Michael), who writes about sex for 36 years, said that the erection in men older than 40 may be much less stable.

Now, any distraction can cause the erection ends. But this is not erectile dysfunction, and dissatisfaction with his new erection in middle age. This is not a problem.

Michael Castleman’s, journalist

If the changes you are still concerned, go to the doctor before taking advertised drugs for erection or to turn to alternative medicine. Most likely, your problem is easily solved and no erectile dysfunction you do not.

5. But the quality of sex will improve

Many women over 40 are satisfied with their sex more than young. Here are some reasons, which they call:

  • “Men my age are definitely better in bed, they are generally less selfish, more experienced and aiming to pleasure a woman”.
  • “I’m 55, I clearly know my own body, I can tell and show your partner what to do with it”.
  • “It’s amazing how confidence in yourself and your body facilitates obtaining pleasure.”
  • “The biggest change for me is that I am no longer afraid to offend the other person, telling him what I like in bed. In 20, 30 years I was afraid to ask to do new things that they didn’t think what they are doing wrong now. Now I’m 43, and I’m definitely not shy to talk in bed.”
  • “I’m 55. My husband is 58. Our children are grown, they no longer can stop us. We are not afraid of pregnancy. We do not care about our wrinkles. We can finally enjoy each other and be as loud as you want.”

Journalist Michael Castleman’s notes that pain during intimacy in women and lack of erection in men compel many partners to reconsider its approach to sex and much diversify.

Unfortunately, many people believe that sex is exclusively in-out. And when this problem starts, they think that sex is over for them at all.

Michael Castleman’s, journalist

The Castleman’s claims that this age reveals intimacy really: pairs away from this common perception of the “right” sex and start experimenting. Oral sex, toys and role play become a normal practice.

6. Erection problems will not interfere with male orgasm

The male orgasm does not need an erection. Even with a flaccid penis rather comfortable situation of erotic fantasies and vigorous caresses of the woman to orgasm. Feel he will be just as pleasant as before.

7. But heart disease will complicate getting pleasure

Narrowing and hardening of the arteries affect the blood vessels and impede the movement of blood in the body. As a result, men and women may have problems with orgasms. You may also need more time to get aroused, and men will be more difficult to maintain an erection.

In 40 years it does not threaten you, but it is better to take care of your health in advance: eat right, be physically active and not to delay going to the doctor if you’re concerned about heart.


Studies show that the majority of orgasms are women older than 36 years. And in 67 women experience orgasm more often than 24. But there are no physiological reasons for this.

It’s only that women gain confidence in themselves and begin to articulate their desires or criticism. Men take criticism better than 20, and more time ready to give foreplay. And those and others are ready to experiment new sensations.

So why endure 15 years of bad sex, to 40 finally start to respect yourself and listen to your body?

On the idea of nature, people after 40 wasn’t supposed to have sex at all, and we have made this the best period in the sexual life, because for him there were no rules and had to improvise.

So don’t be afraid of sex after 40 years, it will become better. But remember, the best sex will make you do. And you have everything to start doing it in 20.

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