Sexual norms and disorders

When it comes to talking about sexual norms, quickly convinced, that in this matter there are no clear definitions and concepts.

To somehow streamline this topic, sexologists and psychologists see it from 3 perspectives: statistical, moral and functional.

Statistics implies that the most common. Moral is considered normal in a particular time in a particular society. As for the functional positions, it includes everything that allows society to function effectively.

Thus, the sexual norm is a combination of physiological, psychological and social factors. Hence the ambiguity of the concept. It is impossible to devise a single standard, which would all be considered acceptable. Rather, we can agree that there are a lot of regulations, each of which dominates different groups of people.

They operate parallel to each other. That is, side by side living a heterosexual, bisexual, homosexual, and other individuals. They may get along with each other, if the freedom of one will not interfere with the freedom of others.

Sexologists also indicate a deviation of sexual behaviour. By this they mean a variety of variances within the functional behavior. In other words, a person is able to live a normal sexual life, but at the same time experiencing cravings for other means of satisfaction.

For example, it can arouse people with physical deformity, old men and women, animals, dirty Laundry, dead bodies, excrement. Some people like to wear clothes of the opposite sex, someone is experiencing pleasure, showing strangers your genitals, and someone excites imitation of self-strangulation. There are other forms of deviation, but they do not interfere with conventional sexual life.

Burdened by various fantasies of the individual psychiatrists do not cause interest, since everyone in a head the cockroaches. But if a person is able to satisfy myself only using the above methods, and the usual sex life leaves him indifferent, then we can talk about sexual disorders.

The exception here may be only homosexuals. The origins of this trend, the medicine is not found out. Called 3 reasons to thrust her sex: the genetic, emotional and cultural. There should not be forgotten that any person initially bisexual. Such made people nature. The embryo in the womb in the beginning has the features of both sexes, and only then begins to gravitate to one of them. If we talk about statistics, homosexuals are 4% of the total number of men. In women the figure is 2%.

For information on mental disorders: available statistics and the results of epidemiological studies allow us to conclude that the distribution of schizophrenia are almost identical in all countries and account for 1-2% of the total population.

There are many different sexual fantasiesthat are considered the norm. Men dream about group sex, frequent change of partners, of violence against women. Women dream of the idyllic encounters with unknown men, change the partner, forced sexual acts, lesbian love Dating. The vast majority of fantasy remains fantasy.

This is often the reason for dissatisfaction with sex life. A woman hesitates to tell her lover about their secret dreams, the same applies to men. In intimate relationships, loving people just have to dominate immoralism. Or the desire for sexual satisfaction should exist outside of moral norms and rules. Only then can you be sincere in relation to each other, and finally understand that you have a partner.

If sex life is not going well, it is not a sin to refer to a specialist. This may be a psychologist, sexologist or therapist. It will tell you how to get into erotic Paradise, using the correct sexual norms and avoiding disorders.

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