Man behind: 20 poses for bright orgasms

That is nice when the man behind

Men like looking at women. Especially during sex: it’s hot. A gorgeous rear view and full control over a partner just drives men crazy.

For such positions is not mandatory bed. In most cases you don’t even have to undress. So these positions are ideal for spontaneous sex.

Almost in all positions the man from the back, can caress the Breasts, thighs and clitoris of the partner, without being distracted from the process.

Deep penetration and stimulation of the rear and front wall of the vagina, where, according to many, is a treasured g-spot.

Many poses are also suitable for anal sex.

What’s not to like
  1. Not enough eye contact. Yes, the position with the man behind not the most romantic. There are exceptions, but they are very few.
  2. Control over the process assigned to the man. This is both a plus for men and negative for women. Therefore, if the partner fails to take the situation into their own hands, it could end sooner than she would have liked.
  3. Member, as a rule, does not reach the clitoris without stimulating it, and many women to orgasm is a must. However, as mentioned above, the partner may hands to compensate for the lack.
1. Doggie-style

Woman on all fours. The man behind me on his knees and holds the partner’s waist. A woman can control the pace, moving to the beat. Good old classic and one of the best sex positions.

What good

Does not require acrobatic skills, simple in execution. Bonus for your partner: you can stimulate the clitoris while the man fascinated by the process.

What’s not to like

Hardly doggie-style pose for a gentle, romantic and slow sex.

2. Doggie-style on weight

The woman leans on the arm of the sofa, the man holds her hips. The feet of the lady are on weight.

What good

This situation is more convenient for women than the classic variation of the doggy.

What’s not to like

But men can get tired legs. And then have to either change position, or to rely on a partner that is unlikely to please her.

3. Close

Like doggie, but different.

A man stands on his knees and holding his partner’s hips. The woman relies on knees and forearms. Her legs closed and positioned between the legs of a partner.

What good

Position for deep penetration. The partner can move her hips, prompting the man pace.

From the classical doggie is position of the feet of the partner: the pelvis is raised, and due to the closed foot, the stimulation of the vagina during penetration is enhanced.

What’s not to like

The partners may numb feet.

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4. On weight

A man is standing on bent legs. The woman rests a hand on the pillow and buttocks pressed tightly to the man. Partner keeps her feet and ankles.

What good

In this position, the man pressed tightly to the buttocks of the partner that provides very close contact and allows you to penetrate as deeply as possible.

What’s not to like

Instead of focusing on the orgasm, a man needs to think about how not to drop your partner.

5. With support

The pose resembles the previous, but the penetration is from a different angle, and therefore the sensations will be different.

A man is standing on bent legs and firmly holding the partner by the buttocks. The woman rests the elbows on the floor.

What good

Stimulation of the posterior wall of the vagina, which is not given enough attention during sex in classic variations of missionary or cowgirl.

What’s not to like

The man must be very confident to keep a partner. Instead of completely relax, have to concentrate on it.

6. With the capture

One leg man is straight and the second slightly bent at the knee. A woman stands on one foot back to the partner, and the second wraps around his waist. The man holds the woman’s hips.

What good

The angle and depth of penetration and clitoral stimulation, which is very rarely happens when a man behind.

What’s not to like

Need to stand on my feet (and the woman – and at one), so both partners must be a strong sense of balance.

What can be done

Women can rest their hands on a table or any other surface suitable for its growth – it will be easier. And to hold in position get longer.

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7. On the side

The woman lies on her side, slightly bending your knees and leaning on bent at the elbow. The man kneeling behind your partner, spread her legs wide apart.

What good

One of the few positions with the man at the back that allows you to look partner in the eye. Besides, the man can caress the woman’s Breasts, which will undoubtedly bring even more pleasure to both.

Suitable, if the woman was tired and to stand on my head she don’t want, but missionary position rather tired.

What’s not to like

Men need quite widely spread, which can lead to discomfort after a few minutes.

8. Lazy posture

The woman lies on her stomach, bending one leg and lifting the pelvis. The man is on his knees in back, spread her legs wide apart.

Unlike the previous poses are possible deep penetration.

What good

Another great option, if a woman is tired. She almost does not require any manipulation: it is enough to relax and enjoy the process. After all, the man with one hand to caress the clitoris of the partner, and the other is posterior.

This position is easy to alternate with the previous one.

What’s not to like

Partner legs set rather wide, which can cause discomfort.

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9. On their bellies

The man kneels behind holding the partner’s waist or buttocks. The woman lies on the abdomen, lifting the pelvis, arching his back and her legs wrapped thigh of the partner.

What good

The woman can regulate the rate and depth of penetration of the movements of the hips or just enjoy the moment, without any special effort. It is not forbidden to caress the clitoris of the female partner.

What’s not to like

The partner needs to be in a static position with arched back, holding the muscles of the lower back in tension. And the man can numb the legs.

10. Belly

Basin women, unlike the previous position, elevated but relaxed.

The woman lying on her belly, her legs open. The man is on his knees, lifting his partner’s hips. The woman locks the foot to the waist of the partner to make it easier to stay in the desired position.

What good

Deep penetration, stimulation of the posterior wall of the vagina and comfortable position for both partners.

What’s not to like

If a man is to overdo it and compress the legs of the partner too hard, in touch, formed a clear bruise.

11. Full contact

The main difference from the previous posture as closer contact with man and deeper penetration. The pelvis is in tension and is raised higher and the back is curved stronger.

The woman lies on her stomach, arms stretched forward, feet apart. The man raises his partner’s hips and pressed tightly to her buttocks.

What good

The maximum deep penetration.

What’s not to like

Between the hands of the partner with the woman’s thighs again, some bruising may develop. Plus a woman can be difficult long to keep the pelvis and lower back in tension.

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12. Column

A woman stands with her back to the man, slightly bending your knees and arching his back.

What good

Perfect for quick sex in not the most appropriate place. A woman can control the depth of penetration, moving the pelvis and rotting back, and a man should caress the Breasts and buttocks of your partner and whisper nice words.

What’s not to like

Sex standing up is not very convenient, especially if the difference in growth is large.

13. Tower

The woman feet wider than shoulder width, chassis lowered, the emphasis is on the forearm. The man is holding his partner’s hips pressed against her buttocks from behind and slightly bent feet in knees.

What good

Due to the angle of the possible deep penetration and stimulation of the posterior wall of the vagina.

What’s not to like

Most likely, after some time both legs are hurting, and my partner again and back.

What can be done

The partner can change position and lean on the palm of your hand, leaving the hands bent in elbows.

14. Emphasis standing

Unlike the previous posture, the tilt of the body women less. Therefore, changing the angle of penetration and sensations.

The woman’s legs together, hands straight, toes and hands resting on the floor. The man holds his partner’s hips, his legs apart wider.

What good

Due to the tightly closed legs of the female partner stimulation when frictions intensified.

What’s not to like

The pose is fairly static, it might seem boring.

What can be done

To add zest, the partner can put it under a abdominal exercise ball and balance on it.

15. The warden

The Mans feet shoulder width apart. A woman stands with her back to him, slightly bending the knees and inclining the body forward. Arms stretched behind his back so that partner can grasp your wrist.

What good

The woman is in absolute power partner. Perfect for role playing games in police and criminal mischievous.

What’s not to like

Not every woman wants to feel like a hostage. So the man is in advance the consent of the partner.

What can be done

If in the process of arrest to move into the kitchen, she will be able to build a case on the table.

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16. Ready to jump

A woman rests on the floor with hands and feet, legs bent at the knees, and the pelvis raised. Men hands lie on the hips of the partner, pelvis pressed firmly against her buttocks.

What good

Deep penetration.

What’s not to like

Not the most convenient situation for women is difficult to hold that pose long.

17. In the arms

Partners are on their knees. The woman pressed back against the man, turning the head to him and hugged his arm by the neck.

What good

Sensual pose with maximum bodily contact. A man can whisper sweet nothings in my ear and caress the Breasts of the female partner.

What’s not to like

The poses almost no flaws. Only if you expect passionate sex with a fast pace, it is better to choose a different position.

18. The wall

The man is leaning on the wall and holding his partner’s hips. The woman presses herself against him buttocks, her legs wider apart the legs of a partner.

What good

Suitable for spontaneous sex anywhere, where there is a wall. The woman can caress her partner’s thigh, and the man can easily reach her Breasts and clitoris for additional stimulation of erogenous zones. In addition, the partner controls the process, so the chance to reach orgasm is higher.

What’s not to like

Most likely, both partners get tired quickly.

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19. On one knee

A man stands on one knee. Partner rests hands on the floor or bed, one foot remains on weight.

What good

Stimulation of the clitoris during sexual intercourse.

What’s not to like

The woman’s hands get tired quickly. In addition, if the bed is too soft, it will be difficult to maintain balance. But on the floor, if you decided to go bed, it is better to put something soft.

20. Sitting

A man sits on the edge of the bed or sofa. The woman stands with legs bent at the knees and resting his hands on the floor.

What good

Comfortable position for men and the opportunity for women to take control in your hands and adjust the tempo.

What’s not to like

The woman may be uncomfortable for a long time to stay in this position due to the load on knees and hands.

What can be done

Partner remains in the same position, and the man changes position and kneels, holding his partner’s hips.

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