Why is urine orange in color

The question “why is urine orange?” ask both women and men. The causes of changes in urine shade is diverse.

Coloration of urine is considered an important indicator of functional ability of the kidneys, liver and other organs. Depending on many factors, including lifestyle, the color selections may vary. Shade normal urine is pale yellow, however, noticing the orange urine is formed, do not immediately suspect the presence of serious pathology.

The acquisition of unnatural color can be a side effect:

  • increased concentration of output endogenous pigments;
  • features of the diet;
  • treatment certain medications;
  • diseases of the urinary system.
The effect of dehydration on the color selections

In some cases, the loss of body fluid, for example, diarrhea, repeated vomiting or intense sweating is not kompensiruet use clean water. There is a condition called dehydration or dehydration. A daily selection of more than 2 l of urine is called polyuria. Urine thus has virtually no color. If the number of excrements does not exceed ½ l, it comes about oliguria.

Selection in this case takes on an intense orange hue.

The urine of a well hydrated person is a pale yellow or just yellow. The emergence of a more bright color indicates the state of near dehydration.

As changing diet affects coloration of urine?

Certain foods affect the urine giving the hint of ripe orange.

Among them is dominated by the rich orange-yellow pigment – carotene, fruits and vegetables, for example:

  • carrots;
  • citrus;
  • pumpkin;
  • rich pigments of BlackBerry, raspberry and other berries.

A considerable number presented in supermarkets the range is composed of various food dyes. If you do not bother, but the urine had suddenly acquired a red hue, you should remember what foods were eaten the day before. The coloration of the discharge may be a consequence of the use of fruit juice or lemonade. Furthermore, pigments are present in sweets, candies and other sweets.

Pills that give the selections an orange tint

The formation of urine is orange in color is often a side effect of treatment with certain drugs.

To give a urine unusual bright shade can following medications:

  1. Medication antiplatelet actions “Warfarin”.
  2. A remedy against TB, “Rifampin”.
  3. Drugs, which have a detrimental effect on various tumors.
  4. Non-narcotic analgesic “Phenazopyridine”.
  5. Laxatives with phenolphthalein as the main active ingredient.
What diseases affect the color of urine?

In some cases, staining of the secretions of unusual color means that the body is any pathological process. It happens that the orange urine in girls indicates that female pathology, especially if the color change is accompanied by the appearance of unpleasant odor and pain during urination. With the appearance of high temperature, fever, acute pain in the back or abdomen, you should call emergency. If the urine was bright orange, and the process of urination is accompanied by intolerable burning, is also advisable to consult the doctor.

To influence the formation of intensely colored urine capable of some vitamin complexes

Urine is bright orange in men may indicate the development of kidney stones or malignant processes in the prostate gland. However, the change in the hue discharge in men – the reason for serious pathology. Representatives of the stronger sex are more likely to experience physical overload, resulting in can cause dehydration and increase specific gravity of urine. It is not recommended to close the eyes to such a symptom. It is best to visit a doctor and undergo diagnosis of the organism.

Abnormal coloration of selection when acquiring some serious diseases.

  • bacterial inflammation of the renal pelvis, parenchyma and Cup – pyelonephritis;
  • lesions of the glomeruli and tubules interstitial tissue bean-shaped organ, the glomerulonephritis;
  • the formation of kidney stones.

The appearance of bright orange urine is not the only symptom dangerous diseases such as pyelonephritis.

To suspect an inflammatory process is possible if you have the following symptoms:

  • pain in the lower back;
  • fever;
  • frequent urination, which is accompanied by unpleasant sensations and pain.

Too rich color of the secretions in this disease is a consequence of the growth of microbes and formation of the final products of their vital activity. In glomerulonephritis, the urine often becomes noticeable reddish hue, but the orange coloration may also indicate a pathological process (glomerulonephritis is characterized by the excretion of red blood cells in the process of urination).

Other signs of dangerous disease are:

  • swelling of the face;
  • the reduction in the volume of allocated urine;
  • increase in blood pressure.

The influence of renal stone disease at the color of urine caused by excessive content of uric acid salts in the secretions. Renal colic is the main symptom of a serious disorder. He felt a sharp pain that spread from the waist to the inner thigh, capturing the side of the abdomen, you should seek help from a specialist. This state is often accompanied by repeated vomiting, increase body temperature and blood pressure.

During urination after an attack, you may notice sand, small stones and even blood

The urine hue of ripe orange in children and pregnant women

Urine orange it is not uncommon to have a newborn under 14 days. The main reason for this condition is the increased uric acid, contributing to the staining of precipitates in reddish pigment. Later, the urine of healthy infants acquires a natural, slightly yellowish colour.

Noticing the momentary change in the urine from the older child, you should not immediately panic. Kids often enjoy candy and sweets, which are painted in appetizing, attracting the child’s color. When you use these sweet highlight briefly acquire the accompanying notes. If intense orange color of urine does not disappear within a few days, it is advisable to do a urinalysis, which will help to detect elevated levels of red blood cells or white blood cells.

During pregnancy is considered normal straw-yellow color of urine. Allocation should be transparent. Noticing that urine is different muddy consistency, the expectant mother must visit the doctor. The reason for going to a specialist is considered and the appearance of sediment, flakes and other impurities.

In the early period of fetal development the mother is often tormented by toxicosis, which can also cause dehydration, which means the inevitable change color of urine. The woman in this case, it is recommended to drink more clean water in small portions. In advanced cases shows diffuse therapy aimed at replenishing the volume of blood circulation.

During the period of gestation of the girl can be discovered preeclampsia – a complication that occurs in the last trimester of pregnancy. Preeclampsia is often called late toxicosis. A symptom of this state is the high content of protein in the test urine, and increased blood pressure. During this complications from the bloodstream into the extracellular space enters the plasma, resulting in edema, dehydration and reduction of blood volume.

Women who bears a child, color of the discharge may vary throughout the day and depend on used products

There is a legend that while carrying the girls, the urine of the expectant mother gets bright shade, and in pregnancy boy – dark. However, this version is just confusing.

Examination, treatment and preventive measures

The main method of detection of infectious agent or bacteria in the body is the study of freshly collected urine.

The analysis allows to detect the presence of red blood cells and protein, which is often a consequence of dysfunction allocation of end products of metabolism. This condition can lead to the formation of stones and kidney stones.

To prevent many of the unpleasant symptoms associated with dehydration (including unusual orange color of the secretions), to avoid dehydration and drink enough pure water – at least 1.5 or 2 liters

In order to eliminate the violations related to the functioning of the kidneys, it is recommended to do a General blood test. It is necessary to determine in the blood flow of the slag substances creatine and urea nitrogen. The study also allows to detect the increased production of liver enzymes and excessive blood sugar levels. Some patients are prescribed and other surveys, if necessary in connection with the history of the disease.

Noticing the appearance of orange urine, you should pay attention to your lifestyle. If you encounter other symptoms there may be serious health problems, so it is essential to visit a doctor. Pregnant girls should regularly consult with your gynecologist, to do the necessary tests and inform the attending doctor about any changes in the body.

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