Treatment of fatty degeneration

A disease such as fatty degeneration of the liver, found recently quite often among people. This is due to the impossibility of processing all of fats. After all, once the fat reaches the liver, it must be completely redesigned. But this is not happening, so that it accumulates in cells, causing steatosis.

The result of this fatty degeneration of the liver, changes in the structure of liver cells. Cleansing products doesn’t occur so intensively and correctly. And because of this, the risk of developing other diseases increases several times.

The reasons for the development of the disease

The first step is to understand in detail, what causes the condition. Today doctors distinguish several main reasons, which gradually lead to the deposition of fat in liver cells.

Avoiding them can prevent development of such diseases as liver.

  1. Obesity. It should be understood that when a person starts to get fat, this is about the disruption of the normal functioning of the liver. Fat begins to be deposited not only in cells, but also throughout the body. Often this leads to an imbalance of nutrients.
  2. Increased level of harmful toxins in the body. In most cases, this is manifested with excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages, and even when eating food, which contains large amounts of carcinogens and dyes. This not only leads to the intoxication of the organism, but also to increase the level of harmful cholesterol.
  3. Any malfunction of the endocrine glands also lead to fatty liver. If indeed this is the main reason for the conclusion of doctors, the emphasis should be on restoration of function of the glands.
  4. Lowering the level of hemoglobin immune system and is a common reason. As a rule, all body functions slow down, the liver in this case is no exception. This leads to the gradual accumulation of fat in the cells.


It is also important to understand what are the signs of fatty liver, in addition to the above reasons of this disease. It should be noted that degeneration of the liver develops very long. Therefore, if liver symptoms occur immediately. But the slightest manifestations may be noted for timely treatment to the doctor.

So, liver disease symptoms can include the following:

  1. The body becomes more vulnerable to allergies. In most cases, onset of the disease is accompanied by recurrent bouts of itching that can occur on any parts of the body. If the skin is sensitive, maybe even the redness to appear.
  2. Man begins to lose interest very quickly. And it concerns both physical and mental stress. Begin to pursue more frequent headaches and vertigo, there is weakness, drowsiness and unwillingness to do anything.
  3. Fatty liver is characterized by weight loss, which is accompanied by indigestion. Against this background, begin to speak and pain in the upper quadrant. As a rule, a symptom is a sign that already a large number of liver cells changes the structure and authority is not doing its function.
Treatment of fatty degeneration

With regard to the treatment of fatty degeneration of the liver, all methods can be divided into traditional, where applicable, pharmacy drugs and folk. Treatment of folk remedies involves the intake of medicinal concoctions made from natural ingredients, following a special diet.+

Diet and herbal teas

First, consider how to treat the disease diet. The diet provides for the possibility of avoiding foods with a high content of dyes and carcinogens. Most of these harmful substances contained in the chips and many fast food, unnatural seasonings.

You also need to limit yourself to eating overly spicy, salty and especially fatty foods. Big harm is drinking large quantities of animal fats. Because their liver processes harder and longer just.

The diet should include more fresh fruits and vegetables along with pure fresh juice with pulp. Special benefits for fatty liver bring such products, as sea Kale, nonfat cottage cheese, boiled fish.

It is crucial to organize the meal. It is best to eat 4-5 times a day in small portions. And in between meals you need to eat some fruit or fresh raw vegetables, to drink more fluids. This diet in conjunction with treatment will give good result.

If you consider treatment of folk remedies recipes, it is good to drink medicinal teas of berries and roots of wild rose, flowers of immortelle. Decoctions prepared from this calculation: 2 teaspoons of herb per Cup of boiling water.

Infused medium for one hour, filtered and drunk as tea. But it would first need to consult a doctor.

Traditional treatment

As for pharmaceutical drugs, it should be approached comprehensively to the treatment so as not to harm other organs. Good effect gives the liver treatment cytoprotection, and also drugs, in which composition contains a lot of methionine and adenosine. Cytoprotector contribute to the production of bile, restore its structure, and the other two substances prevent the oxidation of fats and regenerate liver cells.

Along with this you need to take immunomodulators and antioxidants. The first will be to boost immunity by causing the body itself to fight the disease. And the second will contribute to the normalization of cell membranes in the liver.

So, degeneration of the liver be cured quite quickly if the disease is detected in time. However, only a comprehensive approach, properly balanced diet will give excellent results that you can feel after just a week or two, depending on the severity of the disease

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