The reasons for the development, manifestations and therapy of the spine neoarthrosis

Newartriot spine – a pathological condition that is most often called a “false joint” and is characterized by the formation of pseudoconcave in the place where it should not be. The disease is the excessive convergence of the interspinal and transverse processes, which merge. This gives grounds for the development of new articular surface.


The main reason is age-related changes of the spine, and numerous degenerative diseases of the vertebrae. Also, the reasons should include the inflammatory process, which can develop not only in the vertebrae, but in the cartilage.

It is important to draw attention to congenital anomalies of the back, in particular, deep curvature, which in the end may cause the growth of the hump. This will eventually cause the emergence of a new joint.

And finally, another group of causes is injury, and even if they were almost completely cured, in the future there may be some residual effects that will lead to the development of this pathological process.

It should be remembered that uncovertebral newartriot cervical can appear as a result of thyroid disease.

The main symptoms

Most often, this pathology occurs in the neck, lower back and sacrum. Therefore, in the presence of precipitating factors, the patient needs to very carefully monitor their feelings in these areas of the back.

The first symptom is pain, which at first is temporary and then becomes permanent. And with a sharp movement or with prolonged upright position she significantly intensified.

If most strongly affected cervical spine, then the patient is experiencing not only back pain, but also dizziness, changes in blood pressure and a noticeable crunch when turning the head.

If pathology was formed in the lumbar region, the main complaints are throbbing pain, the difficulties that appear when you rotate the torso to the side, and constant pain that is especially aggravated by prolonged sitting or staying in one position.


The first thing to do is to specify the time of appearance of the first symptoms. Also, the patient needs to talk in detail about the nature of pain, what is the duration of each attack, if there are additional symptoms, if there are jumps in blood pressure.

The doctor then conducts the inspection and makes the tests that show where and when in pain it affects their appearance and body position, not changed reflexes, retained in skin and muscle sensitivity.

To confirm the diagnosis, a neurologist may advise to do x-rays or a CT scan. If you want to hold CT-myelography using contrast agents, which will allow to precisely identify the location of the additional joints. Uncovertebral neurotron of the cervical spine before treatment also requires MRI studies, which allow to determine the degree of severity of the disease and to choose appropriate tactics of treatment.

How to get rid of

Treatment of neoarthrosis spine can be conservative or surgical. Conservative therapy helps to eliminate some of the causes that negatively affect the condition of bone tissue. With the help of medication, massage and physiotherapy can improve the blood circulation of the affected area and reduce the severity of the inflammatory process. This, in turn, will lead to the fact that pain will decrease to a large extent.

In the presence of acute pain, the patient is advised to stay in bed and rest. Good help and therapies such as Spa therapy, hirudotherapy. Preferably several times a week to use the pool, as swimming helps to reduce the load on the spine, resulting in the reduction of pain syndrome.

Useful exercise and a well-selected complex physical therapy.

If conservative treatment fails, surgical treatment is applied. With surgery performed removal of osteophytes, which appeared due to growth of bone tissue, because they begin to appear about the joints.

If you want to hold the restoration of the intervertebral disc specially designed material. In the end, the man begins to walk normally, and completely disappears the pain.

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