What is the pathology of tenosynovitis

Tenosynovitis is an inflammatory disease of the synovial sheath of the tendon, which are located outside. The shape of the pathology is an acute and chronic with periods of exacerbation.


The disease occurs in several forms, each of which has its own peculiarity. There are two large varieties – aseptic form and the septic form.

In the first case, an inflammation develops without the participation of microbes. Most common among programmers, reporters, and people of those professions that actively use the hands.

There are several forms:

  1. Traumatic.
  2. Diabetic.
  3. Allergic.
  4. Immunodeficiency.
  5. Endocrine.

The second large subgroup is an infectious variant, when the main cause is the ingress of all kinds of microbes in the synovium, which causes the development of inflammation.

There are also several varieties:

  1. Bacterial.
  2. Virus.
  3. Fungal.
  4. Specific.
  5. Nonspecific.

Tenosynovitis of the tendon, the disease is not only the hands, although most often it is diagnosed here. This pathology can develop in the Shin, knee, elbow, wrist, or hip joints. The specific variant develops on the background of existing TB infection, but nonspecific develops in rheumatoid arthritis and can be considered a complication.


Code according to ICD 10 will be tenosynovitis. M00-M99. Symptoms develop gradually and sometimes the initial manifestations, the patient does not pay attention. Starts with a little discomfort. If, at this time not to take any action, the acute inflammation quickly becomes chronic, leading to frequent relapses and the absence of effect of conservative treatment.

This files most often among the present complaints of pain syndrome of different intensity. Then starts swelling, which is very noticeable in the area of the affected joint. In advanced cases, there is a little stiffness in the movements, but noticed it immediately, but only after a few weeks of onset.

In the area of the affected tendon is present redness and local increase in temperature – skin hot. When driving the pain is significantly intensified.

The rest of the symptoms will depend on which joint has developed the disease. If it’s the ankle, marked accumulation of fluid, pain in the foot, gait changes.

If it’s knee, it increases markedly in size, there is a dull pain when moving the pain is worse. In the joint fluid may accumulate.

At other sites the symptoms are almost the same. While the General health does not suffer, the increase in body temperature was observed.


To what doctor to treat tenosynovitis.? It all depends on the available reasons. If this injury is then to help the traumatologist. If the inflammatory process has evolved on the background of tuberculosis, then it is necessary to address to the phthisiatrician. If the cause was disease of the joint to a rheumatologist.

Diagnosis includes ultrasound or MRI. X-ray in this case will be useless – it only shows the condition of the bone tissue, but does not reflect disease of ligaments, muscles or tendons.

How to get rid of

Treatment tenosynovitis. initially conservative, using medications and physical therapy.

First and foremost is an anti-inflammatory agent from the group of NSAIDs. They can be taken in pill form and in the form of solution for injections, or ointments, gels and creams.

The presence of infection in variant, the main drugs are antibiotics. But before their appointment is sensitivity test will show which antibiotics should be taken in each case.

If necessary, prescribers, normalizing metabolism, and vitamin and mineral supplements, analgesics.

After removing the acute period assigned rehabilitation therapy. At this time, used physiotherapy, laser, ultrasound, electrophoresis, application, massage and other procedures aimed at restoring.

In the absence of any effect of surgical intervention. If necessary, is done in arthrocentesis with the introduction of a solution of novocaine and a corticosteroid. After this joint for a certain period of time is obezbijede condition.

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