How to eat on critical days

We will tell you what products should be on your table in different phases of the cycle. No, it doesn’t bother: we adjust the diet on critical days

In the female body there are many processes that somehow affect our general condition. We are literally cycle dependent. However, not many people know that a properly selected menu will help to improve metabolic processes and alleviate unpleasant symptoms on these days.

Follicular phase

The very first. For these ten days that you will experience the period of the beginning of a new cycle, you need to replenish iron stores, for this, pay attention to dishes from oats, wheat, cauliflower, be sure to add bran. By the way, it is in the first phase that it is easiest to lose weight.


Follows the follicular phase. Increased estrogen levels give you a good mood and a lot of energy. Now a diet with a high content of vitamins C and E is the best fit. Add more berries, grains and vegetables, and do not bypass seafood – shrimp, oysters and tuna will diversify your daily menu and will not let you become tired of taking over.

Luteal phase

Not the most pleasant period – weight increases, mood deteriorates – all the signs of PMS in business. It’s important not to lose control and not exceed your individual calorie intake.

It is best to stick to the following diet: fish, seafood, eggs, lean poultry. If you maintain the protein norm in the body, the craving for sweets will disappear by itself.

If you cannot live without sweets and cookies, replace them with dried fruits rich in magnesium, for example, dried apricots.


It lasts 3-6 days and requires an additional energy expenditure from a woman. At this time, it is not recommended to do strength training and eat cold food, as it can provoke cramping.

Ideal products for this delicate period: buckwheat, pomegranate, cucumbers, lean meat and cranberries – all that strengthens blood vessels.

Try to adjust your diet so that critical days less overshadow your everyday life!

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