My Journey On How I Decided To Start Taking Care Of Myself

When I began to write this article, I started to write this like any other article that I ever wrote-do some research, pick up the right keywords so that it performs better. But after writing a 200 plus intro I decided to scrap whatever I’d written by hitting the Ctrl+A and backspace buttons.

I wanted to write it with all my heart and why would I do it? Well, I’ve had my journey too, the journey of how I decided to stop hurting myself and start taking care of myself.

And if you’d known me a year ago, you wouldn’t recognize the person that I’ve become now. Back then I didn’t know that my magic was in the words that I penned down. Back then I was completely a clueless nomad.

When I Realised My Problem

I’ve faced issues everywhere and with everyone that I’ve encountered in my life. I never understood the notion of “your vibe attracts your tribe” at all. I didn’t understand what I was facing-anxiety or depression? I used to feel empty and powerless. And I’d criticise myself and overthink the consequences of every decision that I ever took in my life. And guess who helped me realize that I was battling both-a random stranger!

His name was Rohit. I was participating in a literature fest at a prestigious college in my city. I came up with a short poem about a wildflower. It spoke about a lot of emotions on a symbolic level. Rohit asked me if it was a way for me to express the deepest and the darkest parts of my soul. In my head, I screamed yes, but to him, I just said, “No dude!”

And that was my moment of realization. My subconscious mind had led me to write a series of things I was battling a lot of things-I was depressed for no reason, and always anxious for reasons unknown. I was facing mental health issues.
How I Took Care Of Myself From Then On

It’s not easy, we know. It’s a way of rediscovering yourself. For some, it’s the time wherein they try and understand the purpose of their life. Buddha once said, “If your compassion doesn’t include yourself, it is incomplete”. Therefore, I took it upon myself to heal myself. All I needed to do was only love and care for myself first. And it wasn’t easy. I tried everything under the sun. I’ve listed a few down for you guys to read:

1. Taking Control Of My Life

I decided to take responsibility for all my actions. I realized that all this while I had restricted myself to my cocoon where I let the society dictate my life. I decided to stop! And I took all my matters to task on my own. I listed down my problems and began to work on them.

2. Reading Self-Help Books

I must admit that buying one wasn’t easy at all. I remember placing and cancelling my order for such a book at least 5-6 times. But then, when I finally bought one, I was hooked! Reading such books helped me transform my life, encouraged me to get my act together ASAP.

3. Taking Care Of My Body

I’m an emotional foodie. I gorge on junk and crave for sinful desserts as my mood swings start. This was harming my body; it made me less active and more lethargic. What we eat affects our brain structure which in turn affects our mood. So, the first step I took was to eat healthily and love my body by exercising right. I noticed the positive change in my behavior once I made some healthy lifestyle changes.

4. Removing Negativity From My Life (Read: Negative People)

It was tough for me to do such a thing initially. But it had an incredibly positive impact on my mind. It’s very true when they say that we start mirroring the people we hang out with. It’s exactly why we should choose our friends wisely. If you ever find yourself handling drama or any sort of mental stress that isn’t really your business, shut them off. Unfollow them on social media as well. Keep your life simple! Keep negativity away.

5. Re-Discovering Myself

Oftentimes, when we lack confidence, we end up replicating others’ personalities. I admit that I tried to be a duplicate of others in those days. But, little did I know that this was inching me further towards self-doubt.

Discovering who you are, finding your purpose in life, all these aren’t a day’s work. Rome wasn’t built in a day, after all. You need to look out for signs, just like how I did. I found my happiness in writing and photography. I figured I was myself while doing it. Do what your heart desired, and rediscover your true self just as I did.

We all have just one life. It is beautiful; all it takes is a teeny-weeny bit of effort to love ourselves and spread our aura as far as we could. Remember, “Good vibes only” peeps!

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