After birth, tailbone hurts

In the life of almost every woman, the most joyful, at the same time long-awaited, period of time sets in – this is the birth of a child. How many women, picking up their child, feel like a full and happy mother ?! However, in some cases, various complications arise – severe and simple. Some women, for example, are concerned about the question: why does the tailbone hurt after giving birth?

The appearance of various complications is due to the fact that the woman’s body experiences enormous loads at the time of the birth of the child. In this regard, each woman needs some time to recover.

As is known from the biology lessons, the tailbone is a joint of 4-5 vertebrae. In a normal state, it is motionless, however, during the preparation of a pregnant woman for the appearance of the baby, it may diverge. This allows the child to move freely without getting injured. Nature always cares about man, even when he is born.

Of course, this is accompanied by the appearance of pain in the pelvic region, namely in the coccygeal zone. In this connection, pain can appear even during pregnancy. After the birth of the baby, the bones converge, which can also cause pain. As a rule, the pain in the coccyx passes after a few weeks or months, but only if there are no diseases and if the nerve is not affected by the convergence of the bones.

It is worth noting that in the presence of at least one of the listed factors, the further process may be irreversible and all that can be done is to temporarily alleviate the condition. For this reason, it is worth paying attention to this problem.

Causes of Pain

In order to answer the question: why does the tailbone hurt after giving birth, it is necessary to understand the causes of their occurrence. By and large, this is associated with a tailbone injury, that is, with any manifestation of its displacement, whether it is a fracture, dislocation or a crack.

In some cases, a woman may not even be aware of a tailbone injury that may result from falling, hitting, riding a bicycle, or other cases. However, in such cases, the injury does not appear immediately, a completely different thing after childbirth. A large child or complex childbirth can cause a fracture or dislocation of the coccyx, which in itself does not go away.

In addition, the cause may be a low calcium content in the body of a woman. Any woman who has given birth faces such a problem. In particular, calcium deficiency is observed when breastfeeding a baby.
The pain in the coccyx may be due to pinching of the sciatic nerve. In this case, mobility is limited, and the pains are felt severe.

In some cases, pain can be caused by various diseases of the genitourinary system, abdominal cavity, pelvic organs, neuralgic diseases, osteochondrosis, inflammation of the joints and others.
In most cases, it is almost impossible to independently determine the cause of pain. Therefore, it is worth consulting with a specialist surgeon, osteopath or traumatologist.

Nature of pain

Coccyx pain after childbirth can occur in various forms. In addition, pain can be given to other areas of the body.

If a nerve was pinched, then the pain can be transmitted to the thigh, buttock, leg, and, as a rule, one. In this case, the nature of the pain can be acute, shooting, wavy or scorching. In some cases, a woman is not able to bend down and straighten up. This significantly complicates life, since work and caring for a child are very trumpeted or practically impossible.

With a tailbone fracture, it is almost impossible to stay on your feet all the time, especially when displacing bone fragments. It becomes difficult to move, constipation is not ruled out. When rising, pain intensifies.


Depending on the cause of the coccyx pain after childbirth, appropriate treatment is prescribed. If a fracture occurs, then conservative treatment is applied with strict adherence to bed rest for at least a week and disability for a period of at least one month.

If there is a dislocation of the coccyx, then it must be corrected by manual examination through the rectum. After which bed rest for 10 days is appointed.

If a pinched nerve has happened, then the treatment also includes bed rest. In addition, acupuncture, manual therapy are good remedies.

In the most difficult situations, with improper splicing of the coccyx bones or when conservative treatment does not give positive results, an operation is performed to remove it.

In mild cases, when the tailbone hurts, complexes from various types of exercises will help. There are special exercises for pregnant women using the ball. However, they should be brought only under the supervision of a specialist, at least for the period of the first two classes. During this period it is forbidden to lift weights, even a child should not be constantly picked up.

A set of exercises will reduce the load on the lower body and lumbar. If the tailbone hurts after giving birth, you can apply an egg or salt to reduce pain.

However, exercise should not be done if the tailbone is seriously damaged. In addition, only a doctor can prescribe the necessary treatment. And so that a woman could recover as quickly as possible, peace and support of her family are important to her.

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