The symptoms of Gilbert’s syndrome

Many years ago, quite well known in their circles medic from France for the first time was diagnosed with Gilbert’s syndrome, which tends to cause a yellowing of the upper layer of the epidermis.

Immediately it is worth noting that Gilbert syndrome, the causes of which have long been known, does not represent any serious danger to human life.

However, despite this, after discovering the first symptoms of this disease, should urgently visit a qualified physician in order to 100% rule out a more serious illnesses.

What is this genetic disease?

Quite common disease Gilbert’s is not an acquired disease. It in certain cases due to the presence of human disturbances in the development of the body, which gradually formed and accumulates a large amount of bilirubin, which is known to be the most important breakdown product of hemoglobin. Under the action of the enzyme directly in liver, bilirubin is rapidly transformed and gradually gets into the gallbladder and the 12-duodenum. After that this substance is excreted from the human body together with feces.

People who for a long time suffer from Gilbert’s syndrome, doctors observed decreased content in the body of the so-called glucuronyltransferase. Therefore, a large amount of bilirubin is not able to transform in and out of the body. Bilirubin is gradually absorbed into the blood, which almost always leads to yellowing of the skin.

And this process does not affect the fact, where exactly is the service and employment of the patient, or what position he occupies. Because the disease can develop in to police and even employees of medical institutions.

The main symptoms of Gilbert’s syndrome

It should be remembered that the people who have Gilbert’s syndrome, various symptoms of the disease do not appear continuously. Most often, this illness may develop only after very strong and prolonged exercise, severe psychological stress, the emergence of severe infectious diseases, prolonged fasting and chronic lack of sleep.

Doctors have identified the most common symptoms of the disease:

  • weakness;
  • yellowness of the skin;
  • fatigue;
  • a feeling of anxiety.

With the appearance of at least one of these symptoms it is essential to visit a qualified physician. In addition, it is not necessary to think that Gilbert’s syndrome does not require any special treatment.

It should be remembered that the yellowness of the skin may occur not only in the development of this disease, but also for common diseases of the biliary tract, chronic hepatitis or cirrhosis of the liver.

How to carry out diagnosis

To identify such an unpleasant disease is very simple. For starters, doctors pay attention to all the complaints of the patient. In addition, Gilbert’s syndrome has a so-called family nature (among the closest relatives of the patient are carriers of the disease). For proper diagnosis of the disease must pass urine and blood test.

The development of disease Gilbert’s syndrome which has long been studied by specialists in human blood has an insufficient amount of hemoglobin, and a large number of red blood cells. In urine any changes do not reveal. If it will be substances such as urobilinogen or bilirubin, it is a Testament to the development of another complex disease – hepatitis.

To perform correct diagnosis of disease is carried out tests:

  • with phenobarbital;
  • with the fasting;
  • with nicotinic acid.

For example, when the sample with a fasting man 2 days should eat only a low calorie diet. In this case, the energy value of food intake per day should be approximately 400 calories. A special analysis of Gilbert’s syndrome perform twice: in the first day of testing and 2 days. If in the blood the presence of bilirubin is above the established norms, it means presence in a patient of this disease.

The meaning of the sample with phenobarbital is that person 5 days to accept the set dose of the drug. While taking phenobarbital a pretty significantly lowered the levels of bilirubin. If you want to perform a test with nicotinic acid, the physician enters the required quantity of the substance to a patient intravenously. After about 2 hours the level of bilirubin increases and only after that you can conduct a procedure such as, for example, ultrasound. This helps to evaluate the condition of the liver, and to determine the dimensions of its walls and the presence of concrements directly to the gallbladder.

If you suspect the presence of liver cirrhosis or hepatitis, the physician conducts a procedure such as needle biopsy. A needle is a specialist takes a small piece of liver tissue in order to conduct the necessary analysis and to establish whether aching with Gilbert’s syndrome person, or he develops a more serious illness.

In addition, the patient can ask the attending physician about how exactly to date code ICD 10 has this disease.


Almost all patients with Gilbert syndrome do not prescribe regular medication. With the development of the disease the liver is not practically damaged that does not entail too unpleasant complications. All the exacerbations are temporary. Almost all people who have diagnosed with Gilbert syndrome, only concerned about the yellow skin.

In some cases, the successful and timely treatment of such unpleasant diseases depends on what drugs they prescribe specialist. Often Gilbert’s syndrome affects people who have certain abnormalities of the body. However, it is almost always treated successfully with medication, quickly lowering the serum bilirubin. However, you need to remember that the aggravation of the appearing for a given ailment associated with taking it drugs. In their long-term use Gilbert’s syndrome can be cured, but affected the whole body of the patient.

Than you can eat?

Experts say that people with this syndrome, which is a rather unpleasant disease, is on a lifelong diet. Remember that a healthy diet for the patient is very important. Often Gilbert’s syndrome will take place without complications, if the patient will try to eat small portions 4 times a day. The best diet involves the intake of natural food, with no dyes and harmful substances that best impact on the process of biliary excretion.

Patients with Gilbert’s syndrome need every day to offer natural and fresh foods that contain protein. Prevention of the disease consists in reception of cabbage, apples, seafood, beet, mineral water. You can eat grapefruit, oatmeal and eggs. Gilbert’s syndrome is a disease in which you need to permanently abandon the use of strong coffee.

You cannot use distributed today a vegetarian diet because such a diet can’t give your liver the necessary amount of amino acids.

And products that contain soy, is not good for liver health. Alcohol should be discarded, as it will worsen the patient’s condition.

What you need to live a life to the patient

Of course, Gilbert’s syndrome is a rather unpleasant disease. In patients deteriorating rapidly are most often due to prolonged exercise. More reason not to overwork the body. Also, it is compatible Gilbert syndrome and pregnancy, as the expectant mommy might successfully follow a diet and to help the body get healthier.

Sometimes Gilbert’s syndrome occurs in people who lead a healthy lifestyle. The sick person should be kept under sunlight.

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