Bulimia is a mental disorder

Weight in patients may be normal (in most cases). With bulimia, a person is fixated on figure and weight, but can eat until he becomes ill, beyond measure.

Bulimia is an obsessive desire. Often, “bulimics” have a tendency to clandestine alcohol addiction, about which they later experience a huge

For people with bulimia nervosa, eating well is the only way to deal with anxiety. They do not know how to be distracted, have fun. They have low self-esteem. All this together leads to sad consequences. Such people forget that food is just a source of energy, and not the only source of positive emotions.

How to treat bulimia at the first sign: self-care at home

Learn to switch. It helps yoga, sports. Any hobby is wonderful distraction. If you can’t do it yourself, then contact a psychologist. Otherwise, depression, intestinal upsets, problems with teeth and gums are inevitable. If you are lightweight, there may be a menstrual cycle and infertility. Cases of alcohol dependence and suicide are frequent.

Bulimia does not tolerate a frivolous attitude. Even undergoing psychotherapy does not guarantee that bulimia will not return at the slightest stress. This disease can occur repeatedly in people with a certain set of character, with a weak will.

Write a schedule for which you will eat. Start the day with fruit. Do not skip breakfast – this is the main meal of the day. Dinner should not be late. If you want something forbidden, you can eat, but very little and only at the right time. Stick to the schedule.

If bulimia is not treated:

✔ Your beauty may suffer: hair and skin become dull and lifeless.

✔ Energy will not be enough for simple things.

✔ Possible fainting.

✔ Interruptions in the work of the heart are frequent.

Both physical ailments and problems with adaptation in society are possible. Bulimia is especially dangerous for adolescents, because their body is still growing. If it is enough to communicate with children, then you can see that something is wrong with their health. Girls become withdrawn, less interested in the life of friends and class, boys. They either do not care for themselves, or, conversely, are excessively fixated on their body.

Bulimia is especially prevalent in our century, when many girls want to achieve an externally imposed ideal. They watch movies, chat on social networks. The cause of anxiety is the inconsistency of their figures with allegedly accepted standards. The constant comparison of oneself with others causes apathy, low self-esteem. An important role in the treatment of bulimia is played by the formation of an adequate, benevolent circle of communication. Feeling of guilt.

Bulimia is a mental disorder – the most important thing to know about it

According to the National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and its Associated Disorders (ANAD) USA, eating disorders lead to the most fatal mental conditions. This disease can be caused genetically, like other mental disorders. 10% of patients are men. They can react very aggressively to attempts to provide psychological assistance. Meanwhile, the body is depleted, anemia appears, the skin becomes dry, infertility and impotence develop.

Men fall into the field of vision of psychotherapists and psychiatrists less often, because otherwise, at the initial stage, their behavior may not stand out much. Men rarely share their problems. Therefore, be more attentive to loved ones. The first sign of illness is privacy in the bathroom or toilet for a long time. For teenagers, irritability and tearfulness are characteristic. They are afraid of ridicule, locked in themselves. Food turns into a serious problem, all conversations revolve around it.

Only half of the patients completely cope with bulimia. An important role is played by the support of relatives and friends, which complements the intake of antidepressants and psychotherapy. You can find your favorite sport. During sports, endorphins are produced – hormones of happiness. But it is much more important to find the cause of this condition. Most often this is some kind of traumatic event, poor relations with the family, ridicule from significant people, a painful breakup.

The main way to overcome the ailment is to work with negative attitudes, training the will. Psychotherapy can be individual or group.

If you suspect a disease, seek help. It is especially important to control your relationship with food to people who are self-critical, in all doubts, weak-willed, with low self-esteem.

Also, with this disease, organic brain lesions are not excluded, most often these are tumors or the effects of trauma. There are frequent cases when bulimia occurs with insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome. All of these reasons are physiological, not psychological.

It has long been noticed that bulimia often affects children from wealthy families who are afraid to let their families down, become disgraced, and not justify their hopes. This is how psychological bulimia is formed. This disease is somewhat reminiscent of drug addiction, and there is not only psychological, but also physical dependence.

Physical and psychological effects of bulimia

Further more. If the patient constantly makes enemas, this leads to proctological disorders, but all this is usually hidden. Weight remains normal. Noteworthy is the chewing of food, haste in food. Bulimia sufferers are prone to tonsillitis and dermatitis. Gastroenterologists detect chronic gastritis, esophagitis, pancreatitis, colitis. Overuse of sweets increases the likelihood of diabetes if there are other risk factors. Hormonal health leaves much to be desired; when trying to get pregnant women with bulimia, failure after failure can lead. Moreover, sometimes there may not be hormonal abnormalities, cases of psychological infertility are not so rare.

The body in a state of constant stress is not up to the offspring. His task is to survive. The first alarm bell, if you are trying to get away from reality as a result of overeating. If instead of rest, communication, a hobby, you choose a good meal. This method of solving problems seems simple and affordable, but in the end you will stop liking yourself, begin to blame yourself.

It is important to understand that such a solution to the problem is wrong, unhealthy. After all, a person with bulimia, over time, ceases to even taste the food. It is important for him to eat as much as possible. And then resort to calling vomiting and laxatives. And it does not matter that over time vitamin deficiency and metabolic disorders occur. At the time of stress, the patient is not interested in bulimia what will happen next to his health. A feeling of remorse comes later. After all, the figure is gradually changing, and this is not at all what the bulimik was striving for. Patients are usually very pronounced desire to please others.

Bulimia: where to find a way out

Usually the source of the problems is in the head. Seek help in time, and a joyful life will return. Your thoughts will stop spinning around food only. Perhaps a spontaneous cure for positive stress, but such cases are rare.

Motivate yourself by the fact that bulimia significantly hits the wallet. Your appearance will improve if you recover from a disease. But first, you have to get to the psychotherapist’s office to get to the bottom of the true cause of bulimia, admit that the problem exists and learn to control yourself. If depression is confirmed, as happens in most cases, you will also be prescribed antidepressants. Do not be afraid to take these drugs if they are prescribed by a doctor.

The duration of treatment can be different, most often getting rid of bulimia takes 6-12 months. You need to be patient if your loved one suffers from bulimia, treat him with care, understanding and love. Only in some cases it is possible to overcome bulimia without the help of doctors. This is possible if you only overeat, but do not then try to get rid of what was eaten.

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