When to take a shower: morning or evening

One of such “sacred” rituals is the shower – it is taken either in the morning to cheer up, or in the evening to literally “wash off” the tiredness accumulated during the day.

Yes, no one argues: each person chooses the right time for water procedures – he proceeds from his own schedule and lifestyle – but depending on the time of day at which you take a shower, its effect on your body will be different. Which ones, read below.

If you have a lot of creative work to do, a morning shower is an ideal way to tune in to the right wave and catch the very “alpha state”. And if acne bothers you and you can’t relax after a hard day, then let warm water relieve you of excess sebum, reduce the already high level of stress hormone and help your body prepare for a good night’s sleep.

Nevertheless, it is worth noting that regardless of whether you take a shower in the morning or at night, this procedure at any time of the day will help you to cheer up, “reboot” and, perhaps, get closer to solving even the most complex and complicated tasks.

Well, if your office (and your boss) still does not allow you to take a shower at the height of the working day, we know a great alternative – a ten-minute walk in the fresh air.

So in any incomprehensible situation, go either to the shower or to the street.

Each of us has certain habits and rituals, without which it is already impossible to imagine everyday life – everything will definitely go awry. Indeed, someone cannot wake up without five alarm rings, someone cannot imagine his breakfast without a cup of coffee and orange juice, and someone certainly needs to watch at least two episodes of an interesting film in order to fall asleep (though after watching, fall asleep usually fails).

If a busy week awaits you, which will require not only professional skills, but also creative ideas, make it a rule to take a shower every morning before going to work or college. The bottom line is what psychologists call the “incubation period” – the time interval between identifying the problem and the joyful “cheers, I came up with.”

According to Shelley Carson, Ph.D., a psychology teacher at Harvard University, if you are faced with a task that requires a creative solution, but this solution does not occur to you, then the best thing you can do is do something else. And don’t worry: while you have pushed “searches” into the background, your brain will still continue to work on the problem, however, already in the “background”.

And to bring the cherished moment of insight, go to the bathroom. The fact is that when you take a shower, alpha waves prevail in your brain – the brain is in an active, but at the same time relaxed psychophysical state and is not distracted by the processing of incoming information. The same thing happens during meditation or after aerobic exercise. Strengthening the alpha rhythms in the brain allows you to relax, get rid of stress and “reboot“, giving way to new innovative ideas. So, when you get ready for a shower, do not forget to bring a notebook and a pencil with you – to write down new brilliant thoughts.

In addition, the morning shower has another advantage that is useful to those who cannot sleep with a razor: during the day the number of platelets in the blood changes – the maximum falls in the early morning, so if you accidentally cut yourself during hygiene procedures, the bleeding will stop quickly.


On the other hand, if you have difficulty falling asleep due to the fact that you are aroused and seem to be full of strength and energy, then an evening shower is an excellent “sedative”. It’s all about body temperature – it rises due to warm water and drops sharply after you leave the shower and moisture begins to evaporate from the surface of the skin. “Quick cooling after water treatments can be called a natural sleep stimulant,” says Christopher Winter, MD, a researcher at the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. “In this way, you manage to fool your body and make it think it’s time to sleep.” And a warm shower reduces the level of cortisol in the blood, which makes the process of falling asleep easier and faster (goodbye, daytime stress).

“Even if you sleep like a baby and have no idea what insomnia is, you probably still prefer an evening shower to a daytime one because you want to keep your skin clean and well-groomed,” says Bethany Schlosser, dermatologist, associate professor at Northwestern University. – At the same time, it is not only about the days when you sweat. If you don’t take a shower before going to bed, then the dirt and dust that has settled on your skin for a whole day will clog your pores and cause the development of various dermatological diseases. ”

Plus, according to Schlosser, the peak of activity of the sebaceous glands occurs at one o’clock in the afternoon, so if you do not cleanse your skin in the evening, then most likely you will encounter a problem like acne. At night, on the contrary, the work of the glands is minimal, so if you are not prone to excessive sweating during sleep, then in the morning you just need to wash your face.

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