6 Things You Can Do Today To Attract Positive Energy

The energies of the people we hang out with also matters. We’ve all felt it. We’ve felt glum in our head when we spend too much time with a person with a dark cloud on his/her head. Energy can be mirrored; therefore, others’ energy can affect you and vice versa. The aura of another can affect you (like how emotions are contagious).

We all agree that life is all about choices. We either choose to stay happy or to stay chaotic and sad in our everyday moments of life. Our body, mind, and soul are all driven by the source of energy that lies within us. And this energy translates into what we feel.

If ever we feel sick, scared, or anxious, this energy of ours gets dispersed into vivid forms that causes chaotic outbursts of emotions. To this, there is an equal and an opposite reaction as well.

But, it’s we who are solely responsible for the negativity and the stress that we feel. It’s our own doing (you can’t blame it on your boss or your ex). We have the power to generate positive vibes by keeping our inner state in one alignment without any resistance (the power lies within us, just think positive). Here are some pointers that can help attract positive energy into our lives and find that inner peace. (Even Master Shifu from KungFu Panda had a tough time attaining it, so we understand that it takes time!)

1. Starting Your Day With Some Meditation

The wonders of chanting the mantra “Om” or “Aum” is known and recognized all over the world. The power of meditation is impeccable. Start off by keeping it simple. You don’t have to put yourself through discomfort by sitting in a tough position; just relax and breathe deeply. You should be able to feel your consciousness and presence in spite of all the mixed emotions that are hovering around your soul. Meditation nurtures positive thinking in us which keeps all the negativity at bay.

2. Listening To Music That Uplifts You

Ever wondered why so many genres of music exist? Why are songs divided into categories like romantic, devotional, rock, dance numbers, etc.? It’s because music affects our mood. Listening to a particular romantic track will bloom the buds of romance in us. Music has a healing power. If you have some specific songs that can calm your mind, then create a morning playlist of such similar songs and listen to them every morning. Nothing like starting your day on a musical note, right?

3. Treating Everyone Around You The Way You Want To Be Treated

Haven you stumbled upon the phrase “What you do to others, you do to yourself”? It is important for us to look at others like we look at ourselves. That way we will never harbor any resentment or negative bouts for others. Holding a grudge against another is going to first ruin your peace of mind and then the other’s. If you are calm and positive, your positive energy will attract like-minded individuals towards you. In short, your vibe attracts your tribe.

4. Letting Go Of Wanting To Be In Control

We all know life is fickle and that change is the only constant in life. So why burden ourselves by doing everything that gives us the in-control-of-my-life feeling? The more we resist a particular problem in our lives, the more it will get back at us. Trying to control your life will only harvest stress and negative energy. Especially, if you are a parent, never try to control your kids. It might lead them to depression. Let them make mistakes. That’s how they will learn. Learn to let go and surrender to the uncertainties of life. Don’t be a raging river, be a calm river that flows without any hint of its destiny.

5. Connecting With Nature

Nothing like connecting with nature. The nature around us has answers for everything (ailments, chaos, peace, etc.), you just need to look. Spending time amidst nature and greenery will instantly soothe your mind. The energy that it emits is bound to relax your inner peace. If you think you cannot afford to go out there, then you can get nature inside your homes. Plant a sapling of the favorite flower whose smell calms your mind. Make your home a green abode by adding some indoor plants. The color green is known to bring harmony and peace, and it ignites creativity.

6. Writing A Letter Of Intent

Writing helps us have a clearer perspective of what we are actually looking for in life. Just pour your thoughts and fears on paper. This will help you implement your goals and dreams better. It gives a feeling of emptying our heart out, thereby making us feel lighter and at peace.

Do you know of any other ways that can help us remain positive in life? Do let us know in the comments below.

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