Methods of treatment of hepatitis at home

Treatment for hepatitis C with folk remedies can be very effective. Hepatitis is a very serious infectious disease, if left untreated, it leads to a deadly outcome. The procedure for treatment in a mandatory regime involves taking a large number of synthetic medicines and systematic presence in the hospital.

Every year more and more people refuse hospitalization and suggests that treatment of hepatitis folk remedies gives a much better result.

Treatment with herbs and decoctions from them

Alternative treatment of hepatitis consists primarily of monastic tea against hepatitis and collecting medicinal herbs. This is not strange, because the liver is so destroyed because of the illness, and the impact of chemical additives worsens the situation. Treatment at home herbs for hepatitis can be started without a significant investment of time and money. Folk remedies based on herbs can be used, as a rule, to make a full recovery, as most of them has no side effects unlike medicines.

Herbal treatment includes herbal teas from such plants:

  • sage, horsetail, tansy;
  • yarrow, witch hazel;
  • agrimony leaves and burdock root;
  • rose hips, St. John’s wort, chamomile.

Better all of these herbs combine together, as each ingredient will amplify the effect on the liver. To drink a day you need at least 1 Cup of broth. To prepare it, take 10 g of each of the plants, or combine them to your liking and pour a liter of boiling water. Insist broth for hours.

Herbal treatment sometimes involves taking decoctions of unusual plants, for example, such as hellebore Caucasian. The fact that the plant itself is poisonous and a bad dose or incorrectly brewed beverage can cause a food poisoning. If all the calculate correctly, the effect of the decoction will be stunning. The plant has substances that actively influence the viruses and germs that cause liver damage.

To the broth gave the result, it is necessary to drink teas from plants not less than six months, and then the functionality of the liver is completely renewed, and the symptoms of hepatitis will not remain even a trace.

The use of Shilajit

A huge effect has Shilajit in hepatitis. Once this organo-mineral product is considered almost a panacea for all diseases, so people’s medicine is it is very actively used for treatment. Shilajit nourishes the liver cells with oxygen helps them to allocate carbon dioxide, which reduces the blood sugar and repair damaged cells. There are several ways to prepare a decoction of Shilajit.

According to the old methodology, treatment of folk remedies requires 15 g of the mummy dissolved in 0.5 l of water. For treatment you will only need to use 25 drops in a week, over time, the dose can be increased up to about 60 drops. In the end, you need to drink medicine to 1 tsp 2 times a day half an hour before meals. Therapy this facility shall be not less than 21 days. Popular treatment of hepatitis Shilajit another method involves the dissolution of 3 g of substance in 3 liters of water. Make the liquid you need in the same amount.

Stipulating treatment, not to remember about this plant, like corn silk. They are very good for diseases of the genitourinary system, cirrhosis of the liver and chronic hepatitis. Tablespoon stigmas pour a glass of boiled water, preferably hot, and insist about 2 hours. Use the infusion you need 3 tablespoons 5 times a day.

Liver treatment with leeches

Very useful treatment with leeches. Even in ancient times, the Royal physicians believed that bloodletting could cure all diseases. Modern medicine is very sceptical about, but still approves hepatitis C treatment with leeches. The bites of leeches and sucking the blood from the body significantly improves the function of blood vessels. The body the stress activates their hidden potential, and the person recovers quickly.

Doctors say liver disease, the sooner will begin hirudotherapy, the probability of recovery of liver cells higher. The most important step in the process of leech therapy is the right choice spots for bites.

For each patient they are individual, but as a rule, the right hypochondrium and the region of the coccyx. It is important to note that to treat the hepatitis in this way will be long because it takes a long time to regenerate the liver.

Other methods of hepatitis treatment at home

There are other methods of treating hepatitis at home, each of them has its own specifics and peculiarities. The main product that will certainly find on the farm and helps to cure hepatitis, is carrots. The healing properties of this vegetable due to the huge amount of vitamin A, which repairs damaged liver cells. Eating regularly carrot juice or a fresh carrot, you can gradually improve the liver. It is important not to overdo the carrots, as vitamin a causes skin irritation. Ideally, you should drink a glass of juice empty stomach in the morning and before bed in the evening. Such treatment of the liver will be effective.

Traditional medicine may include and rather unusual methods of treatment of hepatitis C.

Such methods of treatment include:

  • treatment of water and contrast showers during the exacerbation, it increases blood flow and activates the regenerative forces of the body;
  • daily consumption of black radish in the food;
  • enema of infusion of chamomile and calendula;
  • treatment with cabbage juice and beet (this treatment should be preceded by a long diet).

Now you know how to treat hepatitis at home, but still highly recommended before starting therapy consult your doctor. Often the individual plants and foods can cause allergic reactions, and this will further worsen the General condition of the body.

Remember that traditional medicine is effective only in the initial stages of the disease, and in advanced chronic hepatitis therapy herbs and juices will not help you, and appeal to the doctor necessarily.

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