Film on the surface of urine

The kidneys play a major role in stabilizing the internal environment of the body. They are responsible for the removal of unnecessary metabolic products, maintain fluid and electrolyte balance and produce substances that regulate blood pressure.

If the kidneys attack of any disease, then the negative impact includes all the organs and systems.

Not to miss pathology and time to start treatment, periodically to hand in the clinic urinalysis. But you can smell a rat at home. For example, oily urine, or the presence of iridescent film is a sufficient reason to go to the doctor and get tested.

Looks like urine in norm

The appearance and color of urine largely depends on how it feeds people, but there are some boundaries. Normal color of an adult or child can vary from light, almost transparent, to deep yellow. In one patient the hue can vary even during the day. This will influence physical activity, food, or any of the individual characteristics of the organism.
Normal urinary fluid has a straw hue, additional visual extraneous matter

And if the fluctuation of urine color in the yellow range does not speak about the presence of pathology, the appearance of brown or red impurities, precipitation (cloudy urine), the formation of the films may indicate diseases of the urinary system.

Physiological changes in urine

As mentioned earlier, the color of the urine is strongly influenced by nutrition. For example, beet color it in red, and carrot can give a bright orange tint. So before you get scared and think about the pathologies should perform your diet.

The appearance of oily films on the surface of urine may provoke consumption of too fatty food, especially frequently this can be observed in childhood. Therefore, to get rid of this symptom in a child is often enough just to adjust the food.

Urine changes colour after eating beets

It so happens that the urine visible white film or precipitate.

There are a few physiological reasons for this phenomenon:

  • increased physical activity in the last days, excessive workload;
  • prolonged exposure to the cold;
  • the abuse of alcohol;
  • visit baths, saunas;
  • the intake of medicines containing in its composition calcium or phosphate;
  • strong emotional stress;
  • failure to comply with the rules of intimate hygiene.

To determine whether a sick body or is it a variant of normal, it is best to pass the examination. If this is not possible, it is necessary to observe for a few days as urine.

It is also desirable during this period to increase the number of drink liquid (this will help “flush” the kidneys). If after 2-3 days the urine color returned to normal, and there was no any other alarming symptoms, worries do not exist.

Pathologic causes of urine.

Unfortunately, in some cases, changes in urine can indicate the presence of any disease. Therefore, in the case when the power is adjusted, hygiene observed, and the film not pass, you need to see a specialist.

Whitening urine

The presence of a white precipitate or turbidity may indicate the following diseases of the kidneys or bladder:

  • pyelonephritis – bacterial tissue damage of the kidney;
  • cystitis – inflammation of the mucous membrane of the bladder;
  • nephrolithiasis – presence of stones;
  • TB infection of the kidneys;
  • glomerulonephritis is an autoimmune disease;
  • amyloidosis is a protein deposition in kidneys.

Furthermore, such a symptom and disease of other organs. In diabetes the urine can be cloudy because of contamination of sugar (glucose), but in this case it will be the smell of acetone.

In men, causes of white urine are often inflammatory processes in the prostate gland (prostatitis). And the female half of the population, such changes can cause pathology of the genitals – vaginitis, vulvitis, endometriosis.

Oily film

The presence of fat in urine (lipuria) can point to harmless errors in diet, and in severe pathology of internal organs. If the power is correct and physiologically causes remains, it is in the bloodstream circulating lipids. This can lead to serious consequences, such as pulmonary fat embolism post and death.

Lepore may in some cases occur in patients with diabetes. Why is this happening at the moment is not known.

The most common cause of falling lipids in the blood are fractures of long tubular bones. This is because in these bones is a large fatty layer, and during the injury part of the lipids may separate from the main mass. Also, such a pattern can act as a complications after surgery in people whose weight exceeds the norm.

Fat embolism is one of the reasons for the appearance of oily film on the surface of urine

If the appearance of films in the urine was not preceded by surgery or fractures, do not panic. It’s probably just a harmless symptom.

Iridescent urine

Iridescent film on the urine may indicate the presence in the body of the worms. Sometimes this phenomenon is observed when ehinokokkoze. Parasites form on the surface of bubbles, which soon burst and turn into a film. Also in the case of the presence in the urine of acetone can create a rainbow effect.

What to do if the urine is weird

The main thing is not to panic. On the state of the urine can affect a huge number of factors. You can wait a couple days and observe the urination. But the best option is to consult a doctor who will conduct the examination, and if there is a need – prescribe treatment.

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