Symptoms and treatment of rheumatoid arthritis of the spine

Rheumatoid arthritis spine an autoimmune disease that is not treatable. Even if the pathology was identified in the first stage of its development, the treatment can only reduce the symptoms and ease existing symptoms, but full recovery will not occur.

The cause of the disease is still not determined for sure. However, there is an assumption that all the fault of heredity, as the disease is most often diagnosed in those people who are born to parents with the disease.

The second cause disorders in the immune system. This failure happens for unknown reasons and the result its the same cells of the immune system perceives as foreign and tries to fight them.

The third precipitating factor – a virus, often Epstein-Barr and cytomegalovirus.

There are a number of factors that should be considered favorable, and unfavorable. And that availability will depend on how you will proceed disease.

Favorable factors considered acute onset of the disease in men after 40 years. In this case, the pathology will occur not so quickly, and treatment will help bring people in long-term remission.

Adverse factors are the involvement in the inflammatory process of all parts of the spine. It is also possible to detect high levels of inflammation in the blood. In this case the treatment practically does not give any result, the arthritis progresses very quickly and leads to death.


Symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis of the spine be completely dependent on the order in which the back is inflammation. The main manifestation is pain, which is complemented by its radiating to the fingers to reduce tactile sensitivity. Brush very quickly and badly swollen due to the compression of nerve endings.

Can in a short period of time to develop complications, the most popular of which is the shoulder-scapular periarthritis.

And finally, many patients complain of pain in the heart, although in reality this pain is not an indicator of heart attack or angina. Just happens the pinching of nerve roots that link the thoracic spine with the heart.

When inflammation of the lumbar symptoms are practically not observed. Sometimes the only way to identify a pathology – MRI study that will help to define the localization and to choose the right tactics for the treatment.

Another noticeable feature is the narrowing of the joint space between the vertebrae. This can be detected by radiography. It is also noted thinning of the bones that are harder to diagnose. One of the obvious symptoms are only clicking sounds that appear in the back when walking.

How to get rid of

Lesions of the spine in rheumatoid arthritis can be so strong that it makes people deep disabilities and to get rid of the disease it is impossible. If the disease was diagnosed at an early stage, the treatment should be comprehensive and carried out in conjunction with the neurologist, rheumatologist and a therapist. If necessary, connect a neurosurgeon if conservative treatment has not yielded any positive results.

At the initial stage, pain can be removed by means of preparations of group NPVS. In the later stages this treatment is ineffective.

After removing the inflammation and pain syndrome, care should be taken to increase the mobility of the spine and strengthen the muscle corset. This can be done also with the help of simple exercises that will advise you to perform a recovery specialist.

The patient must understand that this disease often returns. Therefore, to reduce the likelihood of recurrence should in all possible ways. This can be done by using vitamins, dietary supplements and course of manual therapy. Also, be sure to complete a full course of physical therapy.

As an additional treat, you can use the methods of traditional therapy – honey massage or compress on the back, capsicum plaster, wrap the back with a blanket or shawl made of natural wool, the use of tinctures of roots of sunflower and celery.

Symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis of the cervical spine can progress rapidly, and the patient had a few months to stay in bed. Any specific treatment of this disease is not even subject to any rules of rehabilitation and recovery, the disease may return again.

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