What type of physical activity is most effective in controlling stress?

In stress, we have exacerbated all chronic diseases, and immunity falls. So before you start classes, consult with your doctor. This is especially true for those who are overweight. In the meantime, let’s look at the reasons why exercise is an effective way to deal with stress.

To achieve a noticeable effect, stability is important. Develop a good habit of giving sports at least 30 minutes a day, and you will notice that the level of stress in your life has significantly decreased.

How do you deal with stress?

We have already talked about the benefits. The next step is to choose the most suitable sport.

The most effective in dealing with stress are:

  • Yoga. It is beneficial for both physical health and flexibility. In addition, this practice helps to enter a meditative state.
  • Karate. Develops self-discipline, helps to become part of the community, get rid of tension and even feel more secure, since you can better defend yourself in the event of an attack.
  • Swimming. Combining the calming properties of water and the benefits of exercise, swimming is a great way to get in shape, relax and feel happy.
  • Walking. This type of physical activity is available to everyone, and it is easy to include it in your schedule: you can take a walk during the lunch break, put small children in a stroller and go for a walk with them, take a short walk in the evening in the shower, etc. A pleasant walk accompanied by talking to a friend doesn’t even look like physical activity, but it is really effective for solving problems in your head or immersing yourself in a meditative state.

Exemption from the negative

When life’s troubles accumulate, you may feel stressed or angry. More energy-intensive forms of exercise, such as boxing, other martial arts, or strength training, can provide effective relief from these negative emotions, turning potentially unhealthy emotions into motivation to improve health and well-being.

Exercise and stress hormones

Exercise can lower the level of “stress hormones”, such as cortisol, by increasing the amount of endorphins, chemicals in the body that improve your well-being and uplift your mood.

Distraction from problems

Physical activity in itself can distract you from your problems – and either redirect attention to the present moment, or bring you into a state of “nirvana”. Physical activity, involving a change of scenery, for example, boxing in the ring, fitness in the park, climbing mountains or jogging in the fresh air, all this additionally helps reduce stress.


This point may seem superficial to some, but the essential advantage of exercise is that it helps you lose weight, tone your body and maintain a healthy appearance. When you like your reflection in the mirror, you become happier. This helps relieve stress in those who are concerned about their appearance and worried that he does not look as good as we would like.

Social support

Because physical activity often brings people together, you can get the double benefit of stress management exercises. It doesn’t matter if you are doing fitness in a class with others, working out in the gym with a friend, playing in the local sports team or jogging with the other half, when others are training with you, you feel more motivated. You give your best, and therefore get more benefit without feeling like at work.

Health improvement

While stress can cause illness, it also often leads to stress, accompanied by physical pain, a feeling of isolation, and other negative consequences.

Thus, improving your overall health and increasing your life expectancy through physical activity can save you from stress in the short term (strengthening immunity to colds, flu, and other minor illnesses) and in the long term (helping you stay healthy longer and enjoy life).

Stress tolerance

Studies show that physical activity may be associated with a lower response to stress. Simply put, those who exercise more often suffer less from the stress they face.

Thus, in addition to all other benefits, exercise can provide some immunity to stressful situations. Is it not a good reason to make your life more active?

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