The main symptoms hepatomegaly liver

Hepatomegaly diffuse changes in the liver and pancreas, in which the liver is significantly protrudes over the ribs of the patient. By itself, this symptom is not considered a disease it is a consequence of certain pathological changes in the body.

The liver is involved in cleaning the blood from all the incoming toxins, it is neutralized harmful substances in the ureter and rectum and is excreted in the urine and feces.

Causes of hepatomegaly and diffuse changes of the pancreas are cardiovascular disease, cirrhosis of the liver, tumors in the abdominal cavity, worm infestation, boils, tuberculosis, syphilis, infectious diseases, poisoning of the body.

The causes of this symptom

Hepatolienal syndrome often occurs in cancer of the colon, prostate and other abdominal organs, as well as in hepatitis. Mild hepatomegaly may occur with malnutrition, colds and milder forms of infectious diseases. Hepatolienal syndrome in children is associated with autoimmune disorders, reactions to vaccines, poor diet and heart disease.

The main symptoms hepatomegaly liver

In the early stages of hepatolienal syndrome is manifested to a small extent. The patient feels heaviness in the stomach after ingestion of alcohol, spicy and fatty foods. However, in some cases, the disease may be asymptomatic for as long as the liver does not increase significantly. Signs of diffuse changes depend on the cause. Common signs hepatomegaly liver pain in right side of abdomen, especially on palpation, nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, bitter taste in mouth, heartburn, sallow skin, sharp bad breath, skin rash and itching, fatigue.

When staphylococcal and streptococcal infections hepatolienal syndrome is such a dangerous symptom is the formation of abscesses with purulent contents. The patient may experience high fever, hyperhidrosis, pain in right side radiating to the back and arm. A similar disease treated only by surgery. For cancer of the liver which caused the death of millions of people, enlargement of the liver may be accompanied by severe weight loss, disorders of the intestine, increased flatulence.

Cirrhosis of the liver, which is a frequent companion of alcohol dependence, causes the following symptoms: pain in the right side, enlargement of the spleen, increased blood pressure. Hepatitis pain in the right hypochondrium aggravated by physical activity and accompanied by increased fatigue and nausea.

Diagnosis of diffuse changes of the liver begins with the examination of the patient. If palpation is there pain, the doctor prescribes additional examinations. Hepatolienal syndrome can be diagnosed using ultrasound, MRI, CT scan and several tests: a blood test for bilirubin, total protein, coprogram, radioisotope diagnosis, a liver biopsy. In the analysis of blood defined as free and bound bilirubin. In healthy human blood bilirubin should not be.

The introduction of galactose allows you to track the dynamics of carbohydrate metabolism. A biopsy is prescribed for suspected cancer of the liver, hepatitis and cirrhosis. It can not be performed in the purulent abscess, obstructive jaundice and bleeding disorders.

Methods of treatment of the disease

The difference between a healthy and a sick liver cirrhosis

Hepatolienal syndrome begin to heal while eliminating the underlying cause. The course of treatment should be complemented by a special diet that reduces the load on the liver and promotes regeneration of its tissues. From the diet need to exclude spicy and fried meals, and try to provide the body with all essential nutrients. Drug treatment involves taking hepatoprotectors. Before starting treatment you must inform your doctor about all transferred earlier diseases, conditions of work and residence, bad habits, and contact with harmful chemical substances.

You first need to get rid of the underlying disease. If this is not possible, appointed symptomatic supportive therapy with restriction of physical activity and compliance with special regime. The patient should be informed about any complications that require emergency medical care: hepatic failure, disorders of the body, internal bleeding. Treatment in these cases includes the administration of diuretics, drugs that support the metabolism in the body vitamins. In severe cases, the patient needs a liver transplant.

Mild hepatomegaly liver does not require specific treatment, to cope with it will help special diet. To support the work of the liver requires adequate amounts of sugar, which can be received from fruits. It is recommended to eat at least 200 grams of grapes daily. The contained potassium helps to restore the tissues. Sweet vegetables and fruits can be consumed both fresh and cooked, braised. Very useful to eat a pumpkin. In the winter it is recommended to eat more fruits, drink fruit drinks.

The leaves of some houseplants are very beneficial to the body. The leaves of the agave medium size finely chopped, the resulting slurry is poured boiling water and insist for 6 hours. Take 1 tbsp. spoon 3 times a day. But aloe is use in diseases of the liver impossible.

Diet for hepatomegaly must include teas made of chamomile flowers, leaves of bilberry, peppermint, rose hips. The effectiveness of certain herbs increases when added to a decoction of honey. Good results are obtained by taking a decoction of nettles: 4 tbsp. tablespoons herb pour 0.5 liters of boiling water, boil for 5 minutes and filtered. To broth add honey. Take 100 ml 4 times a day.

When hepatomegaly helpful honey with the juice of horseradish. Components are mixed in equal proportions. Means you need to take 1 teaspoon 3 times a day with warm water. To get rid of pain in your side helps Rowan decoction with honey.

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